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The Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative – Build a Revolutionary Union Movement


Anarchism is the goal, syndicalism is the method. Anarcho-syndicalism is more than just a different kind of unionism. It is a revolutionary movement for the elimination of the capitalist system of social relations. We seek to replace the system of corruption, inequality and greed with a system of true egalitarianism, where no one has the ability to dominate another.

Anarcho-syndicalist methods are not limited to workplace organizing. The same syndicalist structure that promotes member controlled workplace organizations can be applied to other organizations in the community.  What we build today will prefigure the free society of tomorrow.

We are building a revolutionary union movement. Organizing is underway in several areas. Membership is open to individuals and existing groups. Join us! Our time is NOW!



  1. An active member of my union for 13 years. Holding office in my local as well as international. An active anarchist since 1978.

  2. I am a non-management IT engineer, a career path that does not lend itself well to traditional unionization to say the least. I also run a small company with my wife of twenty years that will not have anyone but us working for it as a way to ensure that the only employees that our owners mistreat are Management. 😉

    Also, building a strong community of people willing to help one another just makes logical sense, especially when the methods used stop it from being nothing more than a power trip for those addicted to control.

    An armed Proletariat is very important to put into play the concept of Democracy that Ben Franklin posited in his ‘two wolves and a sheep’ analogy.

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