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The Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative: Membership for Individuals and Existing Groups


In March of 2016, the Worker’s Solidarity Alliance (WSA) introduced the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI), a project to develop a network of anarcho-syndicalist organizations across North America. The purpose of the initiative is to consolidate our strength as syndicalist oriented revolutionaries and to build our capacity to combat the capitalist system.

Over the last month, WSA has reached out to sympathetic organizations and individuals across the country and is, acting as the driving force of the new initiative. Our goal is to build the necessary Organizing Committee needed to undertake the brick-and-mortar effort of launching a substantial anarcho-syndicalist union movement. In that time we’ve received a positive response, and a few operational questions:

While members of WSA may have initiated this project, we do not seek a privileged or commanding role in any subsequent organizing committee for this new revolutionary union movement. We hope for a variety of working-class organizations, from solidarity networks to independent unions and tenants organizations, to eventually join in the ASI project. We envision our role as ideally one organization among many ‘moving the work along’. Specifically, WSA sees itself as an anarcho-syndicalist organization aimed at building local groups of militants who initiate, engage, and act in solidarity with rank-and-file controlled movements in all the various terrains of the class struggle.

Individuals who wish to participate in the ASI project are encouraged to join the WSA to work toward these shared goals.. We will help comrades in their efforts to build anarcho-syndicalist oriented initiatives (solnets, workplace organizations, community unions, etc) in their area. Existing mass working-class organizations and groups of radical workers can affiliate directly to the project as member organizations of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative, whose first task is to organically determine its structure at a founding conference.

For past announcements please see our webzine, Ideas and Action: (

If you are interested in joining the Workers Solidarity Alliance, participating in the ASI, or are curious about things happening near you, please email our Corresponding Secretary:

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