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From down under in New Zealand/Aoteara…

Friends and comrades in the health care sector have initiated the Health Sector Workers Network (Aotearoa/New Zealand).

According to one of their websites the “…Health Sector Workers Network collective aims include agitating for better conditions for people — both those using and delivering health services. We also believe in the collective capacity of working people to organise and make change through our own ability. Sometimes this will mean promoting a vision that clashes with institutions. We do this with a desire of building not only a better health system but a richer and healthier society with mutual aid and caring at it’s core.” []

Additionally, the “HSWN represents Solidarity between all health sector workers, occupations and unions, including non unionised workers.”

The HSWN aims to bring about “[p]ositive change through the self activity of all those working in the health sector.” And act as “A counter-voice to capitalist interests in our health sector and communities.” []

Over the past months the HSWN have been engaged in the following activities and struggles:

◦ organised solidarity rallies for the striking Junior Doctors, joining their protest/pickets when they have twice been on strike.

◦ organised street collections for Ambos from FIRST Union and from doing so been effective in helping them win a backdown from St John on the 10% wage deduction for taking low level industrial action.

◦ participated as first aiders at a blockade of a weapons conference in Auckland.

◦ participated in direct actions to prevent the eviction of a tenant from a state house.

◦ put out a number of solidarity statements in support of other health sector workers direct actions i.e. Junior Doctors and Ambos.

◦ organised an education evening in Auckland.


Interested health care workers in New Zealand/Aoteara (as well as global health care workers who share a similar vision) may want to contact the HSWN at:

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