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Erik Olin Wright on the transition to socialism

By Tom Wetzel

In his new book Envisioning Real Utopias, Erik Olin Wright suggests that proposals for a what he calls “democratic egalitarian socialism” — and strategies for transition to such a society — should be evaluated “scientifically” — …

Freedom Betrayed


Freedm betrayed1 (2)

Review of:

Black Patriots and Loyalists: Fighting for Emancipation in the War of Independence, Alan Gilbert, 2012, University of Chicago Press

By Mike Kolhoff

The participation of African Americans in the War of Independence is widely known but …

Review of Fighting for Ourselves: Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Class Struggle

Klas Batalo Pic

By Klas Batalo

Fighting for Ourselves: Anarcho-Syndicalism and the Class Struggle tries to move in the direction of providing a framework and questions that can help the contemporary class struggle anarchist movement move past its’ current impasses, and fight back …

Truth and Revolution– book review

By Nate Hawthorne

AK Press recently published a book about a small revolutionary group that existed from 1969 to 1986, called the Sojourner Truth Organization (STO). The book is called Truth and Revolution: A History of the Sojourner Truth Organization