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Lessons from the Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike of 1981

A.E. Martinez

“There are no illegal strikes, just unsuccessful ones.” – PATCO slogan

“There are no illegal strikes, just unsuccessful ones.” – PATCO slogan

August 3rd, 1981: Approximately 13,000 air traffic controllers across the United States declare a strike through their union, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers’ Organization (PATCO).

The Chinese and American Synthesis

By Mike Kolhoff

It’s been clear that the Chinese and American economies have become closely intertwined since the end of the Cold War. Once arch-enemies, China is now a close trading partner with the United States, able even to influence …

Lunch Lady Land: reflections on a unionization drive from a radical food service worker

By Fnordie


It was sometime in late February, 2011 when we let the cat out of the bag.  I was working the swing shift in the college’s main cafeteria – “The Den” as it was known.  It was starting to get

The state of the union is …unequal

By Mike Harris

OK, so  the “little person” has been fighting against wage theft, low wages, and harsh working and living conditions for years. Sometimes alone and lonely, sometimes collectively and in a self-managed way. For the past year or so,