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WSA Statement on Iran

Workers Solidarity Alliance condemns Trump’s political assassination of Qassim Soleimani as well as the Trump administration’s continued mix of war mongering and volatile foreign policy. We stand in solidarity with the working and poor of Iran and Iraq who, as a result of this political killing, face increased instability and threats of war. We also express our sympathies and concerns to all people caught in harm’s way during this escalation of tensions.

We oppose all U.S. militarism and racist colonialism. This political killing shows a willingness on the part of the Trump regime to risk violent escalation in the hopes that it will drum up jingoistic support from his base and as a desperate bid against his political woes at home.

While the Trump Administration has claimed that this assassination was to stop an ‘imminent’ attack on American and European lives, no evidence that this is true has been offered. In fact, they seem to be characteristically all over the place in the face of having no evidence that such an attack was necessary. Mike Pompeo, who is one of the leading voices defending this act of aggression and making the claim that it was to protect from an attack, has himself admitted that during his time at the CIA “we lied, we cheated, we stole”. And now the American public is expected to believe him at his word.

We respond as workers outraged against war and U.S. occupation, and against this administration’s irrational fear and lashing out, without regard for the human lives at risk. We stand and hope for a world where workers and the poor are not mere pawns in the games of the ruling class but active participants in creating a society built on solidarity and cooperation.

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