Post-Election Statement

This year eligible voters in the U.S. were faced with two choices for president from the two major parties which represent the interests of the capitalist class. Hillary Clinton, the center-right warhawk whose role in the Honduras coup was responsible for the death of environmental and indigenous rights activist Berta Caceres (1). And Donald Trump, the ruthless capitalist, right wing populist and celebrity who is known for excluding people of color from renting at his properties (2). Trump’s presidential win sent shockwaves throughout the U.S. since public polls generally favored Clinton and many folks believed he still could not possibly win, despite how far he had come to beat out his many competitors for the GOP nomination.

Already we are seeing extremely ill effects of Trump’s win in regards to the emboldening of reactionaries and neo-nazis, some of whom are increasingly attacking minorities (3) (4). Additionally, many establishment democrats along with Richard Trumpka, president of AFL-CIO, have since publicly expressed willingness to “work with” Trump (5). It’s becoming clear that the situation for the working class in the U.S. may be very dire for the next 4+ years.

Trump’s right wing populism resonated especially with the ultra-right and neo-nazis, many of whom publicly supported and campaigned for him. This is because they believe Trump’s rhetoric will work in favor of the interests of their own politics which center around race realism, ethnic nationalism, gender essentialism, social darwinism and conspiracy theory.  The reality is that Trump’s interests, like Hillary’s, center around the interests of the capitalist class they are both in, and these interests include ruthless domination and exploitation of the global working class.

WSA stands with the global working class, oppressed and poor people throughout the world. At this time we especially express solidarity with working class and poor U.S. minorities who are now and will in the future face the wrath of reactionaries emboldened by Trump’s presidential win. We believe now is the time for the U.S. working class to organize and build strong grassroots militant organizations to protect themselves and each other, as well as to push for a positive alternative to capitalism. In addition, we are very interested in discussing the possibility of building coalitions and/or networks with like-minded U.S. organizations rooted in left libertarian intersectional class struggle.

In solidarity, for working class liberation,

Workers Solidarity Alliance









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