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Solidarity with the #NoDAPL Resistance

The Workers Solidarity Alliance would like to express our solidarity with the indigenous-led struggle against the ecologically destructive Dakota Access Pipeline during the Global Weeks of Solidarity (Sept 3rd – 17th).  Further, we condemn the repression of the resistance in the strongest possible terms.

We call on all working-class militants to join solidarity actions in their cities and provide material support for the Sacred Stone and Red Warrior camps which are on the frontline of the struggle.  Continued construction and transport labor on this pipeline needs to be recognized as scab-labor by the larger labor movement and condemned accordingly.  We encourage individual members of the labor movement as well as organizations who share this perspective to sign on to this open letter penned by the IWW Environmental Unionism Caucus.

We call on all public and private entities with a security interest in the Dakota Access Pipeline’s completion to cease all repressions, release all prisoners and go home to their families.  You are on the wrong side – your actions will not be forgotten – the resistance is winning.

In Solidarity!

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