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India Tops World in Number Living in Slavery (14 million)

According to a report on global slavery just released by the Walk Free Foundation, there are now 35 million people living in modern slavery. The 2013 general estimate using the same methodology was 30 million, meaning 5 million new slaves added in one glorious year of our free market dystopia.

“Modern slaves are defined as individuals subject to forced labor, debt bondage, human trafficking, forced sexual exploitation, and forced marriage. This is a considerably broader understanding of slavery that addresses issues of human and labor rights beyond the conventional understanding of the term as human property. This is in part why the 2014 report estimates 35.8 million modern slaves worldwide while the International Labor Organization (ILO) counts 21 million worldwide — the ILO estimate focuses on forced labor primarily. According to the Walk Free Foundation, evidence of modern slavery in one form or another was found in all 167 countries surveyed for the 2014 report.”

The Diplomat


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