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What is to be imagined-and what is to be done?

lenin imagine

Paul Street looks at limitations of what passes for a “left” in the USA: (1) focus solely on criticism of what is without proposing a replacement in which people would be liberated from the present system of oppression & exploitation, (2) Focus solely on “the 1 percent” without acknowledging the antagonistic clash of interests between workers and the people who control us in work day to day, the bureaucratic or coordinator class, and thus a failure to address the way that work is organized, (3) The failure to address adequately the need for building movement organization, especially that could get beyond fragmentation into single-issue projects.

“The greatest obstacle to the development of mass political spirit around progressive and radical ideas is the pervasive sense that we are all on our own and the intimately related idea that there’s no serious or viable alternative to the dominant order.”



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