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Support the Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union

Sisters' Camelot Canvass Union
There is a very serious IWW strike since March 1.

Solidarity Needed in the Twin Cities!
The Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union are doing a phone and email zap on the Sisters’ Camelot collective. There are two phone numbers and one email to contact.

Please call Eric Gooden (SC Collective member) at 612-823-0647
Please call the SC Collective office number at 612-746-3051
Please email

Please tell them to:
1. Rehire the fired union member.
2. Negotiate with the union.

Below is a sample email that can also be used as a script for calling as well.

Dear Sisters’ Camelot,

I’m contacting you about the canvassers’ strike that’s been happening. I love the work your organization does, but, I’m deeply disappointed that you fired a union member, and now you won’t rehire him and negotiate in good faith with your workers. It’s shameful that your workers have been on strike for a month, and you still haven’t rehired the worker and come to an agreement with the union. I urge you to stop and reconsider your position. Rehire the fired worker, negotiate with ALL of the union, end this conflict and get back to the work you do that we all love and believe in.


(your name here)

Please call them every day, multiple times a day, and don’t stop until they agree to the union’s two demands.

In the first 2 or 3 weeks the IWW , mostly the Twin  Cities GMB,  raised over $6,400 for the strike fund. There are 16 workers on strike . They have been getting $20-$25 per day from the strike fund. TOMORROW IS APRIL FIRST AND THEIR RENTS ARE DUEI know your rent is also due and we all have too many bills to pay . The ruling class is over charging the working class for everything we need. But if you can give even $5 to the strike fund that would be most appreciated. In the old days when the labor movement was stronger groups like the IWW, the old CIO  the socialists and anarchists movements were bigger and we showed each other more solidarity in those days, especially with small donations to strike funds, bail funds and lock out fund drives. That was one of the main reasons that the labor movement in the US was bigger, stronger and more successful.

The IW has a good report about this strike.

The site has this link to the strike.

To donate to the strike fund, visit:

You can also send checks or money orders to:
Twin Cities GMB
3019 Minehaha Ave S. suite 50
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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