ACAB Solidarity

Solidarity With The Prisoners in Oakland!

The Workers Solidarity Alliance stands in solidarity with all of the people brutalized, kidnapped, and put in cages by the police in Oakland, California—and around the world—as more and more people defy the sanctity of private property and capital and put human life before the profit margins of the people who own and operate our world.

On January 28, 2012, people from Oakland and beyond bravely attempted to take an abandoned building to build a community center for living space, organizing infrastructure, medical facilities, and so on. It is absurd that huge buildings lay empty while families live in the streets and are denied basic access to shelter, food, and the necessities of human life. But such is the logic of capitalism.

Police in Oakland, acting in the interests of the owners of society, guarded this empty building by beating people, throwing flash grenades, tear-gassing, kidnapping, caging people—showing everyone that private property and the starvation and homelessness that it guarantees can only be maintained through violence. And part of changing these kinds of social relations means taking those things that have been denied to us through this violence.

More than statements, solidarity is also action. We’ll meet you in the streets with hopes of spreading rebellion into our workplaces, our communities, and our homes! Mad respect to everyone languishing in cages as a result of their bravery, standing up to police bullies and, by extension, a system that is decaying and dying in front of our eyes.

With a new world in our hearts,

Workers Solidarity Alliance


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