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WSA 30th Anniversary Greetings from Zabalaza

To the Workers Solidarity Alliance

Greetings from South Africa for your 30th anniversary Congress! It is truly an achievement to be celebrating 30 years of proud, independent and militant struggle – especially considering the difficulties you have surely experienced by …

Kevin Doyle’s 30th Greetings

From Cork, Ireland:

I first came across future members of the WSA, I guess, long before that particular organisation was formed.  This would be in 1982-83.

As a young anarchist from Ireland I was aware of the lack of …

WSA Memories

By Mike Kolhoff

Part of a series commemorating 30 years of WSA

One of my fondest memories of my early days in the WSA was eagerly waiting for the next Discussion Bulletin to arrive in the mail. The DB had …

Recalling WSA

By Kevsota

Part of a series commemorating 30 years of WSA

I joined the WSA in 2009 after participating in an anarchist reading group set up by two other WSAers. I was excited by what seemed like a density of …