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Lighting a Black Flame: The history and politics of global anarchism and syndicalism

Transcript of talk by Lucien van der Walt, São Paulo, Brazil, 2 November 2010, Ay Carmela, Rua das Carmelitas

I would like to thank everybody for coming today. I understand it’s a public holiday today. So, thanks for coming. Now, …

FECh statement on Chile port strike

Chilean Port workers in 14 northern and southern ports have been on strike,
at various times, since late December 2013. The strike wave began in the
northern Port of Angamos to continue the ongoing fight to win a paid half…

The Seeds of Anarchism

The seeds of anarchism appear most naturally in the daily struggle of the working class. Truly the tyranny of the capitalist system is most fully realized in the hierarchy of the workplace and the dictatorial rule of the bosses. In …

Scott Rittenhouse, presente! 1959-2012

Rest in power, comrade.

            Last week one of our own, Scott Rittenhouse, passed away in his sleep. As news began to travel among revolutionaries of all stripes, many of us began to see social media light up around us …