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The (End) Work Zone: Tales of Spontaneous Rebellion in the Workplace – Part II

End Work Zone

The normal course of a person’s working life typically produces a plethora of stories where the boss got one over on the employees and faced no retribution; countless unfair firings, anomalies with the paycheck, bullying, mistreatment and abuse. Hidden within, …

ZSP-AIT: Support the workers struggle at Poland

Dear Friends, Comrades & Fellow/Sister Workers,

Recently a group of Polish Amazon warehouse workers struck against unsafe working conditions and pay issues at two Polish fulfillment centers. The workers are contracted through Manpower, Addeco and other temp agencies.

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Starbucks union strike in Chile


Update (Nov 13, 2013): this post has now been updated to include the formal announcement of the end of the strike.

Editorial Note:

In September of this year US based member of the IWW were able to meet and connect …

An interview with the Iberia section of the CNT union

Editor’s note: Developments since this interview was conducted earlier this year have borne out the predictions expressed by the CNT-Iberia representative┬áinterviewed below. Last week, Reuters reported:
“Cutbacks at Iberia could force Madrid’s Barajas airport to allow other airlines to