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Interview with La Alzada—Acción Feminista Libertaria

“The hallmark of La Alzada, unlike other feminist spaces, it was initially designed as an organization that conceives feminist work from concrete practice” By Lyudmila Dec 1, 2013 1. Since its inception a year ago, and its initial public announcement as an organization on International Women’s Day, La Alzada has gone through many collective experiences, […]

Starbucks union strike in Chile

Update (Nov 13, 2013): this post has now been updated to include the formal announcement of the end of the strike. Editorial Note: In September of this year US based member of the IWW were able to meet and connect with members of the Starbucks Union in Chile. They are now waging a strike over […]

La Alzada: “The revolution must include the feminist struggle, with and inside the libertarian”

By José Antonio Gutiérrez D. Note from translator:  The word “alzada” is the feminine form of the Spanish word that means rebel, instigator, or escalator. The term “territorial work” refers to community and neighborhood work.  In Chile territorial work can refer to community organizations within, as well as those who support and offer solidarity within […]

President Maduro and the “Anarcho-syndicalists” in Venezuela

Editorial note: The subject of the short article below by the Venezuelan anarchist group El Libertario is of particular salience, as Maduro’s attack happens to parallel recent developments here in the U.S. where top Democratic politicians and the Chelsea Manning prosecution have both used the term ‘anarchist’ to slur their opponents. As for the strike […]