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Leninist Vanguardism vs. Libertarian Left Militant Minority Organization



It is not uncommon for class struggle libertarians to hear Leninists equate vanguardism with a libertarian militant minority group, such as the Friends of Durruti in libertarian Spain, yet suggest that the libertarian role is simply lacking in …

The Anarcho-syndicalist Initiative – Building the Organizing Committee


The ASI is a project to build the organizing committee for an anarcho-syndicalist union movement. This movement will be part of a larger revolutionary union movement in North America. This movement will include unions based both in the workplace and …

Announcing the Anarcho-syndicalist Initiative


The increasingly precarious conditions facing the North American working class, along with a rising tide of distrust and disgust with both our political and economic systems, demands that revolutionary organizations such as Workers Solidarity Alliance take immediate action to address …

Libertarianism is a Type of Socialism, NOT Classical Liberalism

By Geoff

Libertarianism is a socialist political philosophy which has its roots in the socialist workers’ movements of the 1800s and 1900s. It is especially associated with ideas that came out of the First International (IWA – 1864-1876), especially those …