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Interview with La Alzada—Acción Feminista Libertaria

“The hallmark of La Alzada, unlike other feminist spaces, it was initially designed as an organization that conceives feminist work from concrete practice”


By Lyudmila

Dec 1, 2013

1. Since its inception a year ago, and its initial public announcement

La Alzada: “The revolution must include the feminist struggle, with and inside the libertarian”


By José Antonio Gutiérrez D.

Note from translator:  The word “alzada” is the feminine form of the Spanish word that means rebel, instigator, or escalator. The term “territorial work” refers to community and neighborhood work.  In Chile territorial work

International Women’s Day 2013

Black Flag Lady

Workers Solidarity Alliance

2013 International Women’s Day Statement

On March 8, 1908, thousands of women left their jobs in the sweatshops of New York City’s Lower East Side and took to the streets to demand their rights as women and …

Interview with Irish Anarchist Pro-Choice Activist Aileen O’Carroll

Could you just say something about your immediate reaction as you learnedly about Savita’s death?

We first heard the rumors that a woman had died a few days before the story broke. We hoped it was a hoax, but we …