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International Women’s Day 2013

Workers Solidarity Alliance 2013 International Women’s Day Statement On March 8, 1908, thousands of women left their jobs in the sweatshops of New York City’s Lower East Side and took to the streets to demand their rights as women and as workers. In 1917, their sisters in Russia followed suit, and helped to bring about […]

Bring Alex Home for Christmas!

On November 14th, Alejandro Torres was arrested along with five others in Pasadena at a Zapatista solidarity action outside of a speech by Vicente Fox, the ex-president of Mexico. Now more than a month after his arrest he is still in jail. Ever since being hauled away by the police with his comrades that night, […]

Free Julio!

Julio Rodriguez, a stalwart comrade of ours from Los Angeles, has been held in prison since Saturday under threat of immediate deportation. We will not let another one of our brothers be kidnapped from us by the racist state! Julio is an anarchist youth organizer with the Youth Justice Coalition and RiseUp LA, radical groups […]

Solidarity Unicornism and the Future of the Left: WSA’s May Day Poster Explained

Recently, there has been an explosion of articles about a certain graphic depicting a unicorn biting the head off of a cop, most notably from The Blaze, which uses it as evidence for ¬†”a disturbing increase in calls for violence from certain Occupy organizers” in two articles. The Pundit Press explains the situation¬†succinctly: To accompany […]