WSA 30th Anniversary Greetings from Zabalaza

To the Workers Solidarity Alliance

Greetings from South Africa for your 30th anniversary Congress! It is truly an achievement to be celebrating 30 years of proud, independent and militant struggle – especially considering the difficulties you have surely experienced by operating in an often conservative political and union climate. Congratulations for this, and warm wishes for the anniversary congress and the future. You can rely on our support and solidarity.

We have always appreciated your principled, ongoing and non-sectarian approach towards us, despite coming from a different tendency. Likewise, we are mindful of the fact that the WSA has an admirable history with South African unions: you have displayed genuine interest in our struggles and in the emergence of anarchism in South Africa, and often provided valuable support for which we are very grateful.

Your work is extremely important and for that you have our deep respect. We wish you a fruitful congress and success in building syndicalism as viable and visible alternative in the USA.

The Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front

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